Foreclosure Assistance

Thank you my friend.I am going to send an urgent prayer request to our wonderful Pastor and the Choir family.We have a Choir practice every Wednesday at 7 PM.I thank God for bringing you and Kristy in my life through Intero. I bet you are so blessed by lost souls like me.God will reward you and your team for working so hard for us.Thank you Cara, Shawn and the rest of the gang at K H LAW FIRM.Kim

Cara,Thank you!!!! Those words just cannot convey the gratitude and appreciation I feel right now for all the hard work you all did. Please do not doubt that I realize the magnitude of the miracle you all performed on my behalf. I just spoke to Kelly and I am now officially in a very happy place. Whoot Whoot!!!!You guys are amazing. I hope you have a wonderful day,Jackie

Cara, Victoria,I could not sing your praises more highly!You two are my angels and I'm happy to give you a recommendation.I'm copying my sister who is a RE Investor, as such she may know of others who can benefit from your services.Cheryl

Hey Cara,Thank you so much for your assistance and encouragement over this time.I am more organized these days and not only are you helping me with my home, but also you have already helped me get my life more on track.I can't tell you how helpful to many folks you are, I am sure.I will be in touch with Waqas within the next few days to introduce myself and will begin transmitting documents on Monday, as we had discussed.Thanks again and thank Kristy for me as well!Most sincerely,Olen

After having tried to renegotiate my mortgage directly with my bank, contacting the government for help, putting my house on the market for a short sale and after six months failing... I was literally a day away from relisting our house again for a short sale when my friend who had gone through a very similar experience encouraged me to call you. I was hesitant and skeptical, but Brian made me promise to just make the phone call, as his mortgage, that also by that time appeared hopeless was renegotiated splendidly while he sat in your office. I called and went in for a consultation. I felt embarrassed for being in my situation, and you made me feel comfortable again. My bank was squirrely than his, but very calmly and systematically you renegotiated my first and second loans. When the banks put up a fuss you gave it right back to them until we received the modifications we wanted. Having gone through a couple years of feeling very uncomfortable even discussing my mortgage situation I thought the experience with your law office would be more of the same. I was completely wrong. I felt comforted, respected, and shielded from all of the back and forth with the banks, and in the end ended up with great modifications. I have recommended you to several people, and will continue to do so. Sincere gratitude, Karen

Cara Milgate and Victoria Ovieda are my loan modification angels. I could not be more pleased with the results. As a struggling business owner in a down economy, I was sure that getting my lender to agree to a loan modification would be virtually impossible. Not only did Cara and Victoria accomplish this task, but they did it in less than six weeks start to finish. I had anticipated a trial modification but got a permanent one based on their expertise and the relationship that they established with my bank and the underwriting staff. Their no nonsense approach, dedication and aggressive follow-up paid off and I'm very grateful. I confidently and wholeheartedly recommend the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez!

My brothers and I came out of desperation to save our home in which we had an auction date. We loved our home but we purchased at the wrong time, we also spent thousands of dollars fixing up our home becausewe bought a fixer upper. All of our savings and sweat went into our home. We were very scared and our families included 6 members. Victoria at Law Office of Kristy Hernandez saved our home from foreclosure, our mortgage was brought current and we were given an affordable mortgage payment. We are finally safe in our home and thank this law firm with the bottom of our heart. They were there for us. Thank you, Isidro

I worked with Monica at the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez for over two years trying to get a loan modification. She postponed my sale 9 months in a row. My loan was a high loan amount over a million and I really had no hope to save my home. But she never gave up and finally after much of their aggressive style I was offered a permanent modification and my family and I are now safe. I trust this company so much, and I refer all my family, friends and co-workers to them because I know they will be treated the same. I cannot express my thank you enough. Andy

Victoria from the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez worked a miracle for me. She was diligent with her follow up and service. She was on top of my file and gave me updates on a regular basis. She returned all my calls immediately. I give her and this law firm a rating of 100 out of 10. They are the best of the best. Thank you Victoria, Atam

The Law Offices of Kristy Hernandez and her team helped save our home. Monica Spangler worked with our family and assured us that we will not lose our home, and did just that. In a matter of months the great people in the office had our loan modification approved and lowered our monthly mortgage payment by hundreds of dollars to make it more affordable in this economy. Any time we had a question they answered it for us with all the information we needed. If you have any legal troubles or need loan modifications, my family and I highly recommend The Law Offices of Kristy Hernandez and her brilliant Team...Pardip

Sheila L Spangler from the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez is working on my case. After I saw her work I realized that I came to the right place and Sheila is the perfect person for my case. Whatever I say there will not be enough words to acknowledge because of the way she is handling my case. Sheila is a wonderful person and is doing a wonderful job.Cara L Milgate is always there when we need her help. They are a perfect team and I am a very happy and a lucky person because they are working on my case. I am a Insurance Agent and I will recommend this Law Firm to all my clients. Thanks for working on my case. I really appreciate...Satwinder

We first contacted Law Office of Kristy Hernandez when we hit a wall with our condo that lost more than half of its value after we purchase it in 2005. I made an appointment with Cara Milgate the Case Manager to discuss our situation. Cara made me feel comfortable and welcome right away, she reassured me that our situation is not hopeless and offered several different options while educating me about the process. We decided to proceed with the short sale of our condo even though I had very little hope of it ever happening. We put the house on the market and Cara gave my case to her co-worker Monica Spangler. Monica was so courteous, patient and helpful that it made the long process of short sale seem like a breeze. She kept us posted on every detail and finally after 10 months we completed the short sale with bank releasing us of all the dept. Our family has no words of how grateful we are for their help in such a time of frustration and need. We can’t wait for the day till we can use their help again when we can finally buy a good property that we can settle down in! Anastasia and Eduard

Cara, I appreciate all your assistance with this matter. I will pass the word to my contacts regarding the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez. I am extremely happy with all the help you gave me.Regards, Karuga (CASH FOR KEYS CLIENT, $3,500 CASH AND 3.5 MONTHS IN THE PROPERTY)

Monica & Cara, This is the best news that we have been waiting for last three years. I thank the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez for working tirelessly and not giving up hope on me. I will share with you the documentation as soon as I receive it in mail next week and will stop by to share sweets with both of you and your team.Thanks for your continuous support. Bob

Hi Cara, I hope you're doing fine. I would like to inform you that we received the closing letter from your office last week. And we would like to extend our sincere gratitude to you and to the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez for helping us to get through in our first and second loan modifications. I am just hoping that everything has been settled now and that our second loan will be satisfied by May of 2012.Just to let you know that we keep your contact information just in case we have friends and families who would like to inquire regarding modifications.Sincerely,Ricardo & Annabelle

I am writing this letter to thank you, and your team for saving our home. Three months ago, when my husband and I walked in to your office, we had little hope. We have been trying to get a loan modification with Bank of American for over a year. In the beginning, we hired a loan company who claimed they were fully capable of helping us. However, we got denied 3 times in a year. Out of desperation, we decided to find a real law firm to handle our case. And, this was the best decision we have ever made. After your firm handling our case, the attitude of Bank of America changed dramatically. They stopped collection phone calls; they became very attentive; and, they responded to our every request swiftly.We got our loan modification within 2 months after Kristy’s team worked on our case. The monthly payment dropped from $3254/month interest only to $1856.17/month including interest, principle, and escrow account. We know this it too good to be true. Even, we still have hard time to let this idea sink in. However, we started our 3-month trial period since 4/01/2010, and we hope after 3 months, Bank of America will finalize our loan permanently.Tammy

In the past, I submitted my own loan modification numerous times, but to no luck. I was advised not to use third parties because this is a “do-it-yourself “job. The first thing came to mind: I had to be realistic. Keeping realistic goals and expectations helped me remove the hesitation. I had to face the fact that there are things I cannot do that law firms can. I came across to a website. By being represented with the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez, I noticed the treatment was different; especially when I had a share of dealing with lenders. During the process, I was very happy that the team was able to assist me, given the fact that I’m not an easy person to work with. They were always prompt in replying to my emails. K.H. Law Office saved me money –I got approved for Home Affordable Modification Program –a program that few people are having success with. We are more than satisfied. Cara and her team will go an extra mile to help and this is something you don’t see in a law firm. Because there are so many law firms out there with unreliable reputation, this makes it hard to trust lawyers. But not Law Office of Kristy Hernandez. They possess with integrity, patience and commitment. This was one of the best decisions we had ever made. We are happy campers; we can sleep safe and sound. I wish the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez more success in your future endeavors! Gwen 3/3/2010

I'm a self Employed person in the building Industry in struggle of putting food on the table, let alone making a house payment, in my desperate effort to try to save my house went to a few Institutions and spent a lot of money that I didn't have in hope of working something out, then there was a blessing out of the blue from a close friend of mind told me about the Law Office of Kristy Hernandez. I thought Bankrupts was the answer, so I had a consultation with Kelly, through conversation, she said this may not be the direction I want to take, and then suggested to make an appointment with Cara Milgate. I was very skeptical due to past experiences. I felt confident after speaking with Cara. We only had a few weeks before the house went on the market. Cara and her special staff Waqas & Jamie made it happen, words can't express the appreciation, thanks again for everything,David

Hi Cara & Victoria,Thank you again for meeting with us in person last night. Brad told me he felt the best he has felt over this whole situation......I believe it was hearing it directly from you & reassuring our decision. Glad you both are on our side! Thanks again Kris & Brad

Good Morning Victoria!! Words can’t express how thankful, we are for you and the work you have done.. This has been such an emotional roller coaster for my family, but as a Team we did all we could do.You hear terrible stories about people losing their home. So for us to save our home is such a miracle! Thanks so much from the bottom of heart.The Pansoy Family. God Bless Us All, especially "You and all the People you work with"

Yahooooo!!! I am so happy I will be on time on those payments and make sure we follow through. I can wait to tell my wife thank you sooo much I imagine the mod loan details will not be ready until the trial is complete.I appreciate all your hard work and due diligence...our sincere gratitude.Alfredo.

Victoria and team at Hernandez Law group have worked miracles for our family home. They have had to deal with one of the toughest banks to get a loan mod for us and were extremely professional and gave the effort 110 percent. We are pleased to say at this time we have an excellent loan mod offer and hope to have a permanent modified loan soon. Thanks a million again to an amazing team. Laurie

Hi Cara, I thought you earned the right to have a "told you so" moment.I have not worked since Sept and have applied for perm social security. I will never work again. I tried to work with the bank to modify our heloc. It can't be that hard.The bank used my/our disabilities and reduction of income as reason for not offering an affordable modification. I offered 5K then 10K to compromise and settle but they refused instead offering a mod that was $70/more monthly then the original amount. Their arrogance is palpable. I've written Stark, Boxer, Feinstein, Brown, Harris,Obama,HUD, CFPB to name a few. Although the bank acknowledges their interest in my case they refuse to help. So we have thrown in the towel, given up, lost our desire to fight and are filing chap 13, if for no other reason than to give them the finger on the 60K we owe them.You need to know that your job sucks. I have a much greater appreciation for what you have to deal with on a daily basis. I may have said some things earlier that got the desired results and you should know that your forgiveness is still very much needed and appreciated. You guys are trained professionals and I've gained enormous respect for what you do and who you deal with.With my tail between my legs Robert

Hi Cara,Thank you. Victoria has done a fantastic job on my loan modification!She always kept me updated, and she kept on top of things. Best Regards, Lee

Hi Cara, you and Monica are doing a Five Star Job! As you know the sale date got moved back to July 5!Thanks Again, JOHN

I’d like to thank your staff, and most of all Jaimie, short of hold my hand, she stuck with it. Thanks again for all your help Cara.Gary and Bev

Thank you so much, Jaimie & Cara... Leo & I really appreciate all your help... this is a wonderful wedding anniversary gift for us, we just had our 15th year anniversary last august 7th and it was Leo's Birthday yesterday.... Praise the Lord for everything!!!! Blessings to you both and to the law office, praying that you guys would be able to help more people.... please extend our gratitude to Atty. Hernandez as well... Take care and Enjoy your weekend!!!!:)Grace:-)

Hi Cara and Sheila,Thank you for the loan modification help (as well as the BK).You have done a great job postponing the foreclosure sale date and getting a good loan modification offer.The process of doing the loan modification by me before retaining your services was frustrating and painful.Ultimately I wish the loan modification had come thru much sooner.With the continual unknowing of what was going to happen with the loan modification, my life goals and mission have changed.That is why we are moving toward a short sale at this time.I did refer my acquaintance Bill for your services, and I think he had a conversation with your office.It is a little scary to say good bye to you and your firm because you have done a very good job.Let us know if you ever want to visit.With Gratitude and Blessings,Mark and Jennifer

Good morning, Victoria,Yes, I do understand.I will go ahead and accept their offer.Please let Cara know that I am extremely grateful to her for accepting to take my case.It was literally a life-changing blessing for me.And I am especially grateful to you for all the time and work you put into my case and for actually getting it Approved.I can never truly repay you because it has meant to me so much more than I can explain to you.You are fantastic and I will never forget your wonderful help and kindness.Thank you for your patience.If I come across someone who you use your help, I would be so happy to refer them to you and your office.May you be blessed in every way Baicelia

Hi Cara & Monica,Excellent Job.....I have met my masters in the trade.....The lenders called us that they have removed from short sale, postponed the sale, and working on loan mod....I am very impressed.Looking forward to working on more deals with you...Regards Pat

Cara and Victoria,Thank you both for your perseverance.I know this one was a big challenge and took a long time because my loan was not a Fannie or Freddie.Appreciate all that you did.I will be recommending you both to my clients that need your services.Thank you, Kevin

Hello!We appreciate everything your office did for our family! You gave us financial stability and a better night's sleep. I have spread the word! Happy Easter! Felipe & Yizel